Playground landscaping, ‘playscaping’ or ‘playful’ landscaping is almost as good as reliving our school childhood memories. It takes us back to the good ol’ days when life was simple and our biggest concern was what game we were going to play with our friends in the school yard.

For Matt Ethell, our landscape construction team leader, playground landscaping projects in Wollongong are his favourites. Matt says “Personally, I love working on outdoor play areas because we are able to use our creativity and it reminds me of when I was a child at school. The projects are fun and it’s really rewarding to see the kids enjoy their new playground”.  As the names suggest, ‘playscaping’ or ‘playful landscaping’ are the latest terms used for the installation of an outdoor playground. A ‘playscaping’ project often consists of an arrangement of natural elements, interesting landforms and inviting structures such as hardwood logs for steppers or sandstone rock seating for yarning circles. 

Childrens Playground landscaping

‘Playscaping’, unlike your traditional playground landscaping, takes into consideration the overall aspects of an outdoor environment which can stimulate creative free play for children. The use of hardy native plants such as Lomandra grasses and low maintenance Dianella are also introduced  to enhance the gardens visual appeal and withstand heavy wear and tear from little stompers. 

Shaw Landscape Group have become all too familiar with the ‘playful’ or playground landscaping process after the installation of a number of creative projects in and around Wollongong at Kindy Korner Childcare Centre, Russell Vale, Cringila, Scarborough and Woonona public schools, as well as the outdoor grounds of Bulli Anglican Church and a number of local and Western Sydney Early Learning Centres. 

Whether it’s the installation of balance beams, rope walks, sandpits, cubby houses, dance decks or tunnels to encourage active free play for the kids or the construction of composite decking seats under a shaded tree to enjoy some outdoor quiet learning, we can design or remodel an outdoor area to suit. There are a number of considerations when it comes to the installation of outdoor playground equipment and Shaw Landscape Group are the experts when it comes to safe scaping. From scheduling projects during holiday periods, arranging equipment delivery outside of high traffic hours, rounding the edges of arsenic free timber work to minimize hazards, to monitoring fixture heights – safety is our number one priority.

If you need advice on how to remodel a school playground so it’s built to last or freshen up your overgrown front entrance reception, talk to the Shaw Landscape Group team today.

Softfall play area landscaping in Wollongong