You’re in good hands

Meet Our Team: Shaw Landscape Group

At Shaw Landscape Group, each and everyone of our team members have been hand selected. Not only do we hire for skill, experience, knowledge and attention to detail, we also hire for attitude. Our guys and gals are one-of-a-kind – creative, thoughtful, exceptional and hardworking. With hundreds of successful commercial and residential projects completed (and counting), to say we are enormously proud would be an understatement. Shaw Landscape group has grown from a solo landscape preneur business (Scotty, Juke the ridgeback, a ute and a lot of grunt work) to a continuously growing D-R-E-A-M team.

Now, with 2 landscape construction teams (plenty of steel cap boots on the ground), 1 maintenance team, a kickass Landscape Architect and an inspiring General Manager, Shaw Landscape Group is one big (well oiled) happy family. We work extremely hard to build a glowing reputation as professionals who care. With an abundance of knowledge in horticulture, landscape design, landscape construction and maintenance, we believe the landscaping process should be enjoyable for everyone.