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Because design matters

Transforming your garden into an extraordinary outdoor landscape is an exciting project. Many of our clients however struggle to conceptualise their ideas and that is where we step in.

Landscape design is not just about putting plants and turf in the right place, it’s about creating a plan that blends effortlessly with your home and its surrounding environment. Think indoor-outdoor living.

A design-first approach to landscaping has been proven to maximise space, save time, all while bringing together your ideas to create a meaningful and comprehensive plan. 

Landscape Design Services

  • Design Consultation
  • 2D Landscape Plan
  • A set out of the main hardscape features & reference images
  • Planting palette
  • Locations of Plants
  • Design Consultation 
  • 2D Landscape Masterplan for DA as per council requirements
  • Material and colour palettes
  • Detailed drawings for planting specs
  • Technical specification for all landscape areas including maintenance program
  • Images of the key landscape design elements
  • Planting plan and schedule with recommended plant species and sizes
  • 2D perspective visuals
  • 3D landscape modeling
  • Illustrative landscape sections
  • Detailed construction drawings

We invite you to share your landscape vision. Get in touch today to find out how our LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT can help you design your new garden!


Why engage a professional Landscape Architect?

Our qualified Landscape Architect can assist you with your design project. Whether you’re looking to install a brand new garden, combine a garden with a new pool, redesign an existing space, or submit a plan as part of a DA (Development Application) submission. We can help bring your vision to life by taking your ideas and throwing in a few of our own to create a carefully crafted landscape plan.


We don’t just chat with you on the phone and create a design we think you’ll like, we meet with you onsite or in our creative office space to discuss your project in detail to create a landscape design you’ll LOVE!

In addition to complimenting your lifestyle needs, wants and budget, our qualified Landscape Architect will analyse existing landscape features, site topography and architectural style. With years of experience, we are able to combine our extensive knowledge of materials and plant life to create a unique and inspiring landscape design.


After the initial onsite consultation, we get to work – this is where our creative juices start flowing and we present you with a draft Landscape Concept Plan. The concept plan will visually represent your design outcome, as well as the proposed layout and all of the components that were discussed. This may illustrate retaining walls, stairs, decks, paving, garden beds and turfed areas, as well as lifestyle elements like water features, alfresco dining areas and fire pits. We also show in detail the plants and trees that make up the design, as well as the choice of materials. The goal of Design Development is to generate a set of conceptual landscape plans to help bring your garden vision to life.


We take pride in the quality of design work we deliver. Our final drawings will provide you with all of the accurate information that is required to price and install your landscaping project. This package generally includes a landscape plan, planting plan, planting schedule, lighting plan, details and specifications. 

Landscape Concept plan for residential property in Wollongong
Landscape Design 3D render of front garden in Wollongong


You’re now one step closer to creating lifelong memories – outdoors of course. Our experienced construction teams have a wealth of knowledge and can provide you with an itemised and detailed quotation based on your NEW landscape design.

From floating stairs, to climate resilient gardens, our Landscape Architect Louis Giffin has revealed his take on the TOP landscaping trends that are set to blossom in 2023 and beyond.


Want a garden that packs a punch, but don’t know how to break up a boring stretch of lawn? Looking to add value to your property or need a landscape plan as part of your DA submission?


Hands up if you’ve spent hours scrolling through Pinterest creating inspiration boards only to find that the plants in your photos won’t (in any way) work in your garden? Fear not, a qualified Landscape Architect can help. Find out why bringing in the pros will benefit YOUR landscape.


We are ready to help with your Residential or Commercial Landscape Design.

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