Every year we see landscaping trends evolve. Often as a result of new technologies or the economy impacting consumer buying habits, and more recently the flow on effects of COVID-19 and La Niña. As we continue to feel the fallout from the pandemic, our home environments have been given a whole new meaning. From purpose built work spaces, to outdoor gyms – the lines between indoor and outdoor living have become muddier than a bunch of tradies on a water-logged construction site.

So what top landscaping trends are paving their way for 2022? Themes of outdoor zoning, smart technologies and old meets new are becoming popular. We’re also seeing a renewed appreciation of last year’s eco-conscious and edible garden landscapes. So let’s dive in as we take you through what’s making waves in the landscaping world for 2022 and beyond.

Zealous Zoning 

spa and outdoor entertaining area in garden zoning landscape design

Photo Credit: You Home and Garden

Home sweet home. Whether you’re working, entertaining or relaxing at home, dedicated garden areas or ‘zones’ to support our new ‘COVID’ way of life have become part and parcel of a modern landscape design. Take your home entertaining to the next level by introducing an al fresco dining area that houses a BBQ and outdoor pizza oven, or  why not create a dedicated space to burn those extra ‘covid’ calories while in isolation. No matter your outdoor home ‘zoning’ needs, there’s a landscaping solution to accommodate.

Take the Plunge

dog in plungie pool landscaping

Photo Credit: Plungie

With backyards getting smaller, the average homeowner is left with less garden area to play with, making a traditional pool installation near impossible. Never fear, because companies like Plungie have captured this evolving market. By offering a highly compact precast concrete pool solution that can be installed in super quick time, home-owners with small backyards can now enjoy ‘pool life’ too. The perfect solution for lounging and relaxing with your family and friends on a hot Summer’s day.

A Mid-Century Movement

acapulco chairs in mid century inspired landscape garden design

Photo Credit: Mid Century Home

From the living room to our landscapes, elements of Mid-Century design will be making an appearance in 2022. This ‘modernist movement’ incorporates the subtleties of Mid-Century building design, utilisting curvature, symmetry, clean lines, as well as the concept of bringing the indoors out. Repetition, curved garden beds, circular or oversized steppers and a minimalist planting colour palette will help you to achieve a Mid-Century garden aesthetic.

Creative Cladding

NewTechWood Castellation Cladding on residential boundary fence wall

Photo Credit: Shaw Landscape Group

Say goodbye to unsightly fences or boring walls and hello to composite cladding. Never in our lifetimes have we spent more time in our homes, and as a result, many of us are continuing to turn our attention to home improvement. Composite timber is no longer just for decking, we’re now seeing it on a variety of hard-scaped clad facades. From walls, boundary fences, to Alfresco dining areas and doors – just to name a few creative cladding ideas.

Smart Gardens

mobile phone smart garden irrigation

An extension of the term ‘smart home’, smart garden lighting, sprinklers and automatic lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular. As technology continues to advance, so do our homes – inside and out. Want to know how many millimetres of rain you’ve received in the past month via your smartphone? Try installing a digital rain gauge in your garden to track daily rainfall and closely monitor your local La Niña weather trends.

Edible Landscaping

top landscaping trends

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Last year we saw supermarket shelves go bare and as a consequence of this, the average garden hobbyist began growing their own produce. Fast forward to 2022 and edible landscaping AKA ‘foodscaping’ is continuing to dominate the landscape trend. As the cost of groceries continues to rise, so do the popularity of oversized containers or planters and raised garden beds. There’s no better feeling than offering your guests a delicious dish that’s made with fresh, home-grown ingredients.

The Eco-conscious Homeowner

compostie decking eco deck

Photo Credit: Ekodeck

The manufacturing process and carbon footprint of a product is now carefully considered by many consumers of today. Because of this trend, brands like EkodeckNewtech Wood and Future Wood are dominating the market with their innovative and environmentally friendly composite timber solutions. As well as utilising sustainable landscape applications, many eco-conscious homeowners are also looking to reduce their water usage by installing drought tolerant natives. Not only will these plant varieties thrive in their natural environment, they also require less watering. As an added bonus, you’ll also attract more native wild-life, creating a diverse and abundant ecosystem in your own backyard.

Very Peri Purple

very peri purple pantone home decor colour of the year

Photo Credit: Rug’s Society

Continuing to beautify our homes in 2022 is the Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Very Peri Purple’. Blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red to introduce an empowering mix of newness to our homes. This versatile shade provides a unique pop of colour, whether introduced as an eye-catching accent tree, outdoor home furnishing or as a colourful exterior feature wall. Utilising a splash of Very Peri Purple in your garden, is sure to create a unique and trending outdoor landscape.

Kid Friendly Spaces

top landscaping trends

Photo Credit: The Architects Diary

While our kids traded the classroom for Zoom during the pandemic, home inspired outdoor play areas found a new resurgence. As part of a COVID at-home learning/play environment, cubby houses, monkey bars, oversized chalkboards, in addition to some of the classics like hop-scotch and hand-ball have made a comeback in our yards.

Top Landscaping trends will continue to change and evolve as our interests in outdoor living are expected to continue. To check out what was trending last year, visit our 2021 Landscaping Trends blog here.

Header Feature Photo Credit: The Modern House