Our odds of finding a silver lining amid the chaos of COVID-19 is basically on par with looking for a 4-leaf clover in an acre field of grass – not great. For many people, the crisis has meant spending more time at home in their outdoor environments and with that said, we’ve noticed a noteworthy trend. Gardening is back baby!

Connecting with nature and our immediate landscapes have become more important for our health and wellbeing than ever before. There’s a definite green movement happening and to be honest, we’re loving it! To help inspire you for your landscaping project, we’ve put together the top landscaping trends we are seeing in 2021.

Tropical Gardens

Landscaping Trends 2021

Tropical Landscape Garden Design in Balmain. Image Credit: Pinterest

Many clients tell us they are investing their travel budgets into their gardens. The days of booking a holiday and jumping on a flight to a tropical destination on the other side of the world almost feels like a distant memory. With travel limited, gardens that have a resort theme are on the rise. Introducing lush tropical plants such as Bamboo, Frangipanis or Hibiscus trees can help to recreate a holiday feel in your own backyard. Sipping Long Island Iced teas in the Caribbean doesn’t have to be a forgotten past time. Cabanas and outdoor shelters are a must to create a shaded tranquil spot where you can curl up and read a good book.

Vertical Green Screens

Vertical garden, vertical green screen

Vertical Garden Wall. Image Credit: Vertical Garden Australia

Green screens are visually beautiful and will draw the eye up to create an illusion of grandeur. Living green walls also provide instant shade, privacy and a positive ambiance. Try using fairly compact plants that have all-year-round appeal, such as low maintenance perennials with pops of colour. For an instant living wall use shade loving perennials such as heucheras, peace lilies, peperomias and spider plants to create a mixture of colour and texture in a protected position.


Foodscaping, edible food garden

Food garden, edible garden, foodscaping. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Limited supermarket supplies during the pandemic are an ongoing problem. To combat this, people are turning towards growing their own food. Installing raised beds are the perfect solution for the ‘foodscaping’ or food landscaping enthusiast. Backyards are slowly turning back into food forests with orchard like stone fruit groves and citrus trees carefully placed to enhance landscape aesthetics and provide homegrown fruit and vegetables for the family. For larger fruit trees and bushes to thrive, be sure to plant them in a suitable location with full sun, good drainage and plenty of space to grow.

Improving work from home environments

Work from home office gardening

Work from home office garden. Photo Credit: Gardenista

With the continuation of the work from home lifestyle, the need to revamp and breathe new life into our existing work spaces is becoming essential. No one wants to look at a blank wall or stare out the window at an uninspiring garden. Have fun and add some colour and texture to your working environment. New trees and plants with pops of colour are the best way to help lift your mood, bring fragrance and create a peaceful working atmosphere.

Crazy Paving

residential landscaping crazy paving

Crazy paving with ground cover. Photo Credit: Houzz

Crazy paving, also known as random paving, can be used to create a unique feature in your landscaping. Scattered pieces of stone such as bluestone or sandstone can be used as part of driveway designs, pool surrounds, feature wall or off-set as garden steppers for pathways. A fun tip for crazy paving: Plant a vigorous ground cover in between instead of grout to soften the hardscape and make the garden and pathway flow.

2021 Pantone colour of the year

Pantone 2021 design colour

Pantone 2021 colour of the year. Image Credit: Pantone

Pantone, the global colour company, announced in December of last year that it had chosen two colours of the year for 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating bright yellow. For those of you who may not be familiar, Pantone’s ability to forecast colour trends as the new ‘it’ colour for consumer marketing could be a good resource for your landscaping and outdoor colour palettes. Although lemon yellow and light grey may not be your first choice of colour selections, the explanations of the Pantone colour systems and resources of design information, can help you to create a modern outdoor landscape design.

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Landscaping recycled garden

Sustainable Garden seating. Image Credit: Pinterest

How good does it feel to help reduce our carbon footprint and plant more trees? Many landscaping trends of 2020 brought us back to nature. The demand for eco friendly and natural landscaping products is increasing. Materials to consider in your landscaping project are recycled brick for garden edging, Eko deck for outdoor entertaining areas, as well as using reclaimed timber and up-cycled metal, pavers or aggregate. Try creating planting areas out of old throw out items such as a wheel barrow, metal buckets or timber pallets.

Supporting local

Support Local Wollongong businesses

Support Local Trades. Image Credit: Berry Wholesale Nursery Facebook

Supporting local businesses during uncertain economic times is more important than ever before. When investing in your garden and landscaping projects, ask questions like do you source your products locally? Are they made in Australia? It’s your local Mum and Dad businesses, nurseries and trades that are the heartbeat of our community.

We’d love to know what gardening ideas you’re loving? Are any of these landscaping trends for 2021 a consideration for your landscaping project? Let us know…