The front garden of our client’s prestigious property was lacking potential and needed a fresh injection of creativity and curb appeal. Footsteps from the beach, our team had an open invitation to design and install a landscape that was hardy, easy to maintain and tied in with the properties architecture.


Taking inspiration from the overhanging framework and cantilevered balcony, our Landscape Architect put pen to paper to design a unique ‘head turning’ front garden that displays a variety of unique structures, plants, textures and visual aspects. 

Key features of the installation include rectangular block frames, which echo the window design and homes architecture, and accent Grass and Dragon trees that protrude through tiered floating concrete platforms. To create visual interest, oversized shallow pots were introduced to offer a sense of balance and height, along with steel edging and a selection of low maintenance textural, cascading and crawling plants and ground covers.

Balcony pot plants with screen planting was also installed to provide shade and privacy on the upper deck entertaining areas. Over time, this design will allow for the greenery to take over and soften the hard structures.

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