Does great landscaping really add value to your home? When it comes to landscaping for a profit the short answer is most definitely, yes. Not only can investing in quality landscaping help your property’s resale value (I mean, who doesn’t want to renovate for profit), but an attractive, welcoming outdoor environment is guaranteed to pull on the heart strings of a potential buyer and importantly reach a good price when your house goes under the hammer. 

So how do you landscape for a profit and knock the socks off a prospective buyer and have them dreaming of backyard barbies and summer soirees? We spoke to leading agent and real estate guru Daniel Mulholland of Molenar + McNeice to get his view on how landscaping can help drive up your properties price.


First impressions count when landscaping for a profit

first impressions count front garden landscaping

Front garden landscaping. Image Credit: Pinterest

You’ve probably heard the old cliche ‘first impressions count’ but in the real estate world it really does carry a lot of weight. A well presented outdoor environment with kerb appeal will give your property a memorable first impression and create an inviting surrounding for a potential purchaser. 

Daniel Mulholland from Molenaar + McNeice always recommends to his vendors to spend time on their gardens. He notes that “Quite frequently, outdoor areas get overlooked and become overgrown. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to bring your garden up to standard to catch the eye of a prospective buyer”. 

Small jobs like weeding, mowing lawns, edging and adding mulch or bark to your garden beds can enhance the street appeal of any property. Additionally, you can consider talking to a qualified landscaper and invest in a professional garden makeover. 

Landscaping for a profit, “It’s a no brainer when you are wanting to increase the value of your property” says Daniel. “The better your property’s photos look when listed online for sale, the more potential buyers you will attract at an open home, which in turn generates more competition and helps to drive up the price”.

Solve problems when landscaping for a profit

backyard landscape retaining wall in wollongong

Sandstone block retaining wall. Image Credit: Est Living

Perhaps your property is on a sloping block or hillside with narrow access. Try levelling the garden by installing a retaining wall or tiered garden beds. Planting can address location issues to help to create a sense of privacy. Evergreen hedges, boundary fencing or vertical green screens can help to keep nosy neighbours at bay and even act as wind and noise breakers. Be sure to talk to a professional landscaper to help you address any problems. Poor drainage, warped decking or a collapsed retaining wall is no way to win over a potential buyer. 

Low maintenance is key

Low maintenance garden landscape in wollongong

Low maintenance landscaping. Photo Credit: Making your home beautiful

WOW! What a stunning garden – but boy, it looks like a lot of hard work. Potential buyers want to enjoy their outdoor environment, not be a slave to it. A beautiful water feature or pond can create an oasis, however potential buyers might see this as a red flag. The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Decorative garden features that you might find attractive can be subjective. Invest in mobile elements that can be easily moved or replaced. 

Buyers also look out for heavy flowering trees that might leave a mess in the yard. Who wants to spend every weekend raking? Choose your plants and trees wisely. Ask yourself, does it need a lot of water? Is it deciduous? Will it look good all year round? Does it need to be pruned seasonally? Is it prone to pests and disease? Do your research and pick natives that are low maintenance and easy to care for such as Coastal Rosemary ‘Westringia Fruticosa’, Lilly Pilly ‘Acmena Smithii’ or ‘Lomandra ‘lime divine’ to name a few.

Because design matters 

backyard family garden design

Family backyard landscape. Photo Credit: Architectureau

Update your outdoor area with a dedicated entertaining space, fire pit, lighting or furniture. Go for a cohesive look by choosing a theme that complements your home’s architecture. Molenaar + McNeice are well informed about home buyers needs and are advocates for properties that offer both privacy from neighbours, as well as a sheltered space to keep an eye on the kids. 

Daniel says “A spacious yard with plenty of lawn the kids can play on, as well as a dedicated undercover entertainment area the parents can enjoy are key outdoor features that potential buyers will be looking for”.

A landscape designer can also work with you to make the most of your outdoor space. Landscape design elements such as steel edging, crazy paving or unique ground covers can give your property sale appeal. Pot it like it’s hot. Potted plants are also a fun way to bring colour and fragrance to your garden. Oversize steel or lightweight Terrazzo pots are a trending option for outdoor garden designs. A great tip to create an established look quickly in a new garden is to install a variety of mature plants.

Consider bringing in the experts

shaw landscape group planting in back garden in wollongong

Garden landscape installation. Image Credit: Shaw Landscape Group

The home is not only a place of safety and security, but a space where you can kick back and relax or bring together loved ones to create lifelong memories – outdoors of course. So often we see clients neglecting their landscaping and investing the majority of their time and budget on the house interior. To make the most of your outdoor environment and give your property the chance to make a profit, engage with a qualified landscaping professional. Don’t do the heavy lifting alone, talk to a specialist in high end landscape design and construction in Wollongong.