If you haven’t heard the term ‘gabion’ retaining wall, you may very well recognise its distinctive oversized wire, mesh and rock aesthetic. Making a comeback as part of a contemporary landscape design, the gabion retaining wall is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many clients. Did you know that gabions were originally used as protection for infantry and artillery in the military? Gabion, meaning ‘big cage’ in Italian, is essentially a system of wire mesh stacked ‘cages’ or ‘baskets’ usually hand assembled and filled with rocks. Pretty cool huh!

But how do you know if it’s the right solution for you or if the large rock-filled cages are actually worth the hype? Well, read on to find out some of the advantages of installing a gabion retaining wall.

Why choose a Gabion wall?


Say goodbye to rotten timber sloping walls. A gabion retaining wall is durable and long-lasting in structure and if built well, can last for many decades.

Large Scale Walls

Gabion retaining walls make for the ideal scalable project. If your property is on a sloping block and in need of a big, sturdy, structural wall, then a gabion wall might be the perfect solution for your landscape.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Traditionally, the application of a gabion retaining wall coul be found on commercial roads, embankments or by riverbeds, however, the mesh and rock finish creates for a unique ‘raw’ aesthetic and has become increasingly more popular in recent years.


Their design is ideal for steep sites that are difficult to access making it an adaptable solution for a number of residential and commercial retaining needs.


Due to their ‘rock filled’ structure, gabion retaining walls allow water to pass through easily facilitating better drainage than other retaining wall materials.

Can be Less Labour Intensive to build

When bobcats are used to fill the baskets, gabions can actually be built quicker than walls made of blocks or timber. If however you want to have a layered Sandstone or Basalt to the front of the cages, this has to be done by hand which can involve a lot of manual labour and therefore extra cost.

More than a century old, the rediscovery of the gabion wall is being favoured by landscape architects and designers alike. Although the ‘raw’ mesh wire look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will certainly do the job in providing a stable and sound retaining wall solution. To see more on gabion retaining walls, visit ‘The Grand Gabion’ on our projects page.