The biggest challenge that our Wollongong client had was an unusable and sloping backyard. Living in an extremely hilly suburb, the gardens were not welcoming and there was no dedicated space for entertaining. Understanding the huge task ahead of them, the clients came to us with a detailed landscape design. Shaw Landscape Group became invested and united in this incredible project, sharing the clients grand vision and helping them to achieve the outdoor paradise they had always wanted.


Shaw Landscape Group spent a number of months working with the client on council approvals, DAs and liaising with structural engineers to ensure the landscape and retaining walls were structurally sound. Due to the large scale and height of the 3 metre retaining wall, cubed gabion baskets were chosen as the most effective landscape solution.

The excess volume of soil was reused on the property and over 160 tonnes of recycled aggregate rock filled the hand assembled Gabion baskets with sandstone to face the exterior. This process was all hands on deck, taking a total of 3 weeks to construct from the ground up and a dedicated landscape construction team of 5.

With the Gabion retaining wall constructed, Shaw Landscape Group continued to work on the formal garden space. A 60m block boundary retaining wall with planter boxes was constructed then rendered and texture coated to create a lavish finish. The clients tiered backyard was adorned with a paved formal outdoor dining area and decorative formal gardens. Buffalo turf and a mixture of exotic and native plants were used to bring the space to life. The client planted an assortment of veggies into several planters themselves and as a green thumb will continue to grow and develop their new space.

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