Having trouble finding a good landscaper? If it felt like nearly every Aussie rushed to renovate their property after COVID19 hit, you’re not mistaken. Home building is at a six-year high and likely to remain inflated for years to come thanks to – Government’s stimulus policies, record low borrowing, more time spent at home and a skyrocketing demand for new housing and renovations.

With the increase in clients investing more time and money into their outdoor environments, landscapers are feeling the upshot of the growing ‘home improvement’ trend. Although grateful for the demand, many trades are having to navigate their way through the impacts of the pandemic on the construction and landscaping industry. From COVID safe worksites and supply shortages, to ongoing price increases, we highlight what you can expect when engaging with a landscaping company in 2021 and beyond.

Patience is a virtue

Be prepared to wait for a good landscaper. If you’re just starting out on your home improvement or new build journey, be sure to contact a landscaper early on in the piece. Many landscape companies are booked out as far as 6 months ahead, so don’t leave making contact to the last minute.

Delays are not only becoming more frequent, they’re also becoming more prolonged. Below are just some of the reasons why you might have to wait that little bit longer to move forward with your landscaping project:

✔️ Increased volume of work
✔️ Material and product shortages
✔️ Movement of supplies across interstate borders taking longer
✔️ Supplier warehouses with large teams having to temporarily close due to COVID breaches or cases
✔️ Other complimentary trades being unavailable at short notice, such as concreters or plumbers
✔️ A large backlog of projects as a result of the NSW construction industry ‘shutdown’ in July

COVID safe worksite

tradie holding phone using checkin at construction site

Image Credit: Propeller

Just like every other business, the implementation of COVID19 safety plans are the norm even on a landscape construction worksite. With the safety of the community and their teams top of mind, many landscaping companies have introduced a dedicated COVID19 safety plan.

So what might a COVID19 safety plan look like on a live project?

✔️ A QR code to check-in / out of EVERY work site
✔️ No or limited face to face contact with clients
✔️ Previous adherence to the number of team members allowed onsite
✔️ Mask wearing
✔️ Contactless deliveries
✔️ Hand sanitiser
✔️ Social distancing

Price increases

trucks on timber logs stacked in a pile

Image Credit: Pexels

With timber and steel topping the list, the price of materials is increasing. According to The Urban Developer, Australia, like all countries around the world, is having to compete for sought after materials and pay the global market price. Everything from plants to pavers, you’ll find that the shift in demand for goods could result in you having to pay a greater price.

Out of stock

low stock levels on shelves in a warehouse

Image Credit: Pexels

Higher transport costs, growing demand for materials and vulnerable supply chains are resulting in pandemic-related stock shortages. For a landscaper, a quick trip to Bunnos to grab additional supplies is a common occurrence, however fronting up to empty shelves is becoming more frequent. Additionally, plant wholesalers who may rely on interstate deliveries are just not able to restock in time to meet the demand.

Level of uncertainty

landscaper building a deck with covid safe measures wearing a mask

The ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in many parts of Australia has resulted in highly uncertain circumstances for households and businesses alike. Trying to navigate the safety of clients, teams, suppliers and subcontractors is an ongoing challenge, but one many landscapers are continuing to manage. With so many uncertainties it can be difficult to keep ahead of the curve, but landscapers are doing their best to ensure they’re having regular, open and honest dialogues wherever possible.

Finding a good landscaper in this current climate is not easy, but with a little patience and sympathy, we can all get through this together. Importantly, it’s also helpful for everyone to understand the impacts of COVID19 on trades and what to expect when engaging a landscaper during this time.

Header Image Credit: Positive Lending Solutions