1. Consultation

The first step in any landscaping project is to conduct a thorough site assessment and consult with you to determine what you want to achieve from your project. It is important for us to understand your requirements and also any concerns that you may have or considerations that we need to be aware of at this initial meeting.

Our team is then able to combine their extensive knowledge of plants and materials to create a unique and individual design for you which reflects the brief and compliments the surrounding landscape and architecture. Our consultations are complimentary however a fee is charged if a formal design needs to be drawn up for your own visual benefit or council approval.

2. Design

We can work from existing plans that you may already have or of course create a design which builds upon your brief. Designs are 2D drawings of your space including any existing buildings, pools, ponds and alfresco areas with the proposed new landscaping overlaid on to it. This could include trees, plants, lawns, water features, sculptures, retaining walls, decking, seating, fire pits, lighting and any other additional items that you require.

After you have reviewed your design, we will make any requested alterations if required. Once you are 100% happy we will then ask you to sign off on the design and all plant and material selections before moving on to the next stage.

3. Construction

Once the design is signed off and all plant and materials are confirmed, you will be provided with a quotation detailing each part of the landscape construction and the estimated time to complete the project.

Once the quotation has been accepted and any council approvals have been received, we will provide you with a date for commencement of the project and all the major milestones involved.

Then the fun really begins as our team moves into action and your new landscape begins to take shape. We will report to you on a regular basis on the status of the project and keep you fully informed on how everything is progressing.

4. Project Sign-off and Handover

Once the project is finished you will be invited to inspect the completed works and upon your satisfaction, you’ll be asked to sign off on the project. At this stage we will provide a handover to you on how to best care for your new landscape.

It is up to you to decide whether you would like to look after your new landscape yourself or whether you would like us to provide ongoing maintenance. If you would like us to handle everything for you we can then provide you with a maintenance quotation.