We’re back for another edition of Shaw Landscape Group’s ‘Scape’ Stories. This is where we dig into the nitty gritty details of some of our favourite landscaping projects.


Set in a quiet cul de sac, the lacklustre garden fell short of both street and family friendly appeal:

  • Dated 1970s brick house and garden
  • 607sqm elevated block
  • No outdoor entertaining space
  • Metre high, ‘brown’ defunct retaining wall – an eyesore
  • Limited access to turfed area in the rear garden
  • No indoor/outdoor flow
  • Cracked concrete walkway at rear of property


This project was carried out during the Winter season with cool temperatures trending below 5 degrees. Machine access to the backyard was impossible and privacy from neighbouring houses was lacking.

LANDSCAPING GOAL AT FRONT OF PROPERTY: Curb appeal with modern garden updates

Dated and disorderly. The front garden landscape was uninviting, possessed overgrown gardens and an unkempt carport with rusted wrought iron gates.

  • Dated driveway, carport and front exterior
  • Unkempt carport with rusted wrought iron gates
  • Uninviting garden – lacked curb appeal
  • Shabby and unsuitable plant choices

Landscaping Solution

Working within the limits of our clients modest budget, the focus for the front garden landscape was to introduce smart yet cost effective updates. To start, we opened up the carport to create more space and disposed of the rusted wrought iron gates. Existing plants and trees were then removed and a quick lick of paint over new render to the properties facade (thanks to our handy subcontractors) was sorely welcomed.

This was followed by the installation of low maintenance Magnolia trees to border the driveway, as well as Lilly Pilly hedge planting and two new Viburnum to feature in the front verandah garden beds. To complete the makeover, a brand new modern country-style letterbox was introduced.


A dysfunctional and outdated 1970s backyard layout, with no outdoor entertaining area.


  • Old and cracked concrete walkway and paths
  • Failing concrete stairs at far end of garden which led to a rusted clothes line
  • No outdoor entertaining area
  • No easy access to turf area
  • Lack of functionality and flow between house and garden

To meet our clients’ desire to create an outdoor entertaining area, we built an elevated 20 m2 alfresco deck and screening wall from cost effective blue board and composite timber materials. The blue board wall was then texture coated for durability and colour matched to tie in with the houses’ painted brick exterior.

Seamlessly linking the house to the newly created outdoor entertaining area, we demolished the existing narrow stairs and reintroduced 2 metre wide steps between the retaining wall and newly installed French doors. Our team then filled in the old stairs, rendered and capped the existing retaining wall and laid large 600 x 400m2 stone pavers to the walkway areas.

Low level frost tolerant planting around the new deck area was introduced to help soften the walls. To create privacy, 3 new Magnolias and a feature hibiscus tree were introduced for visual appeal. River pebbles to the right hand side of the property were also installed for a tidy and low maintenance pathway finish.

before landscapingafter landscaping

Drag arrow to reveal before and afterafter landscaping makeover
before landscape makeoverafter landscaping makeover


Through careful planning, our landscape construction team transformed our clients’ dysfunctional backyard from rubbles to riches. The new dedicated outdoor entertaining space allows for a consistent flow of the garden and helps to achieve a more desirable indoor/outdoor living environment.

Alongside the house’s modern updates, the front garden landscape was given a brand new lease on life. Now sits a pleasant and orderly garden, that’s neat, tidy and displays a desirable level of street appeal.

emty garden beds before plantingoutdoor entertaining area landscaping
work in progress of new retaining wallrendered block retaining wall


    • Large stone charcoal pavers
    • Tasman blocks for retaining wall
    • Ekodeck classic range composite decking in ‘greystone’
    • Blueboard wall panel
    • Mulch / soil / topdressing
    • River pebbles


  • Magnolias little gem
  • Magnolia soulangeana
  • Buxus Japonica balls
  • Kikuyu turf
  • Lavenders 
  • Dichondra silver falls
  • Gardenias
  • Sweet Viburnum 


You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to revamping your garden. A series of thoughtful and cost effective updates can elevate your garden’s visual appeal and help to boost its overall value. Keeping in mind, a practical garden with dedicated ‘zones’ to suit your family’s lifestyle is key to achieving a long-lasting and timeless landscape.