Shaw Landscape group was invited to design and install the landscaping for a brand new two story property in Woonona. The goal was to create a stand out ‘wow’ coastal garden to compliment the black, timber and recycled brick elements of the modern architecture.

Being a busy family meant that this client wanted a landscape that was low in maintenance and easy to keep. They also did not want a traditional fence, however still wanted us to create a visual boundary to the front garden.


To compliment the earthy/ industrial tones of the house, Shaw Landscape group chose to install a rustic steel themed garden landscape full of lush greenery, height and texture. This project features 3 oversized rusted steel planter boxes, a laser cut steel plate letterbox, steel lawn edging with the central focus featuring a 1 metre high Gymea Lily (Doryanthes) to create height and grandeur.

As the property is North facing and in full sunlight, the plants selected had to be durable and sun tolerant. Waterwise seasonal flowering natives and succulents such as Agaves, Red Flowering Gums (Corymbia ficifolia) and Pigface (Carpobrotus) were chosen. A visual ‘barrier’ to the front garden was achieved by using vertical stained timber sleepers which creates a boundary but also showcases this unique garden.

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