These simple tips will help you prepare your garden ready for the long hot summer ahead.

Phew… It’s getting hot in here! Are your plants looking wilted and garden a little worse for wear after this weekend’s heatwave? Unfortunately extreme temperatures are just part and parcel of a typical Aussie Summer and as a result, your gardens can suffer. The weather for most people is always a HOT topic of conversation, even more so at this time of year.

If the trends of 2019 are anything to go by, temperatures pushing above 40 degrees for consecutive days running are becoming the norm. Never fear, the money you’ve invested in your garden won’t go down the gurgler. So how can you be better prepared to ensure your precious garden or new turf is not only surviving but thriving? We have put together some proactive tips YOU can do at home in preparation for another 40 degree plus temperature day.

Deep water your garden

This method delivers water right to the roots. Instead of just splashing some water over the surface, let the water soak in at least 8 inches.

Apply a liquid seaweed solution

Applying a liquid seaweed solution helps plants cope with all kinds of stress including heat and drought.

Distribute mulch

Distribute a good quality mulch of your choice over your garden beds. Mulch will act as a layer to help seal the surface, keeping the soil cool and help with moisture retention.

Remove all weeds

Just like plants, weeds love water. Weeding will ensure your plants won’t be fighting for any moisture that’s left in the ground.

Use a wetting agent

Use a liquid or granular wetting agent to help improve water absorption.

Don’t mow your lawn too short

Don’t mow your lawn too short before a heatwave. Cutting your turf too short will expose the root system and add to the stress.

Install a drip line irrigation system

Talk to a professional about installing a water-wise drip line irrigation system on an automatic timer. 

How to prepare your garden for a heatwave