Create a polished garden edge

A crucial and often overlooked detail when creating a polished garden look, is a well defined edge. Aside from aesthetics, garden edging can provide a number of practical advantages.  From creating a division between garden materials, making ‘whipper snipping’ lawn edges easier, as well as helping to contain mulch, dirt or rogue weeds from spilling into unwanted areas.

Garden or lawn edging can also help to create clean, crisp lines and is an easy and practical solution to elevate the look of any outdoor area. With plenty of different materials available on the market, our qualified landscape team can assist you with choosing the right arrangement to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to achieve an eye-catching timber, stone, brick paver or steel edge, our experienced landscape tradesman can help. Costs really vary depending on the material chosen. The most cost effective options are timber and brick pavers, whilst steel edging tends to be more expensive. The installation cost of different materials can also vary, with some installs requiring a professional and others being an easy DIY job.

Want to define the look of your garden and make your lawn maintenance more manageable? As part of a larger scope of works, Shaw Landscape Groups construction team can assist you with the supply and install of any residential and commercial garden edge solution. 

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