Want to find more about duplex landscaping? Duplexes, also known as dual occupancy homes or ‘dual occs’, are fast becoming an attractive investment for families and developers. If you’re unsure what a duplex is, it can be identified as a type of house that has two properties located on one block of land with separate entrances, yards and amenities.

Doubling your rental income from the one asset might sound appealing, however, some aspects of building a duplex including the landscaping, can often be quite involved. Take it from us, we’ve worked on a bunch of them and naturally you get pretty darn good at it (some might even say that we’re duplex landscaping experts). Bragging aside, practice makes perfect and we feel it’s our duty to share some duplex landscaping wisdom with you all. Interested in finding out more? Well, you’re in the right place.

backyard duplex landscape before and afterAfter photo of the completed duplex landscape project in wollongong

Council Requirements

If you’re building a duplex, you’ll likely need to provide a landscape plan to your local council as part of your development application. This is likely to detail everything from your proposed hardscaped areas; such as paving, decking and fencing, as well as the location of your plant and tree selections, drainage solutions and intent to remove or retain any trees that currently exist on your property.

It’s best to engage a qualified landscape designer or architect who can help simplify and guide you through this process. You may also need to speak to an arborist if you’re considering removing any trees.

Suitable Site Access

photos of landscape tradesman driving excavator down tight side property access

Often one of the biggest challenges for a landscaper on any project is having suitable access to the garden areas. The construction of a duplex on one block of land can be an extremely tight squeeze, therefore it’s recommended that you talk to a professional landscaper early on in the construction stage.

Keep in mind it’s possible for a landscaper to gain machine or material access via next-doors property. So if your neighbour needs some convincing and is yet to experience your baking skills, there’s no time like the present to start getting along.

Budget Accordingly

You’re probably well aware that there are plenty of fees associated with the construction of a duplex and as a result, we often find that landscaping is overlooked. Ensure you map out a clear budget and account for the fees associated with the landscape installation, as well as the cost to have a professional draw up a landscape plan. If your goal is to put your duplex on the market, landscaping will not only give your property an edge, but also add significant resale value.

Screening and Privacy

tall trees screening off fence from neighbours backyard pool landscape

Image Credit: Houzz

Ok, let’s face it. When living in a duplex, you’re extremely close to your neighbours. Yes, there may be some division between the two properties, but you will never experience the same levels of privacy that you get from a conventional home. Suitable fencing and screening solutions are important considerations when it comes to duplex landscaping, so it’s vital to think about early on. Sturdy fencing, creative placement of trees and plants or even green walls are just some of the ways you may be able to achieve privacy when landscaping a duplex garden.

Front Garden Appeal

front garden of duplex property with different designs

Unlike the backyard of a duplex, there is generally no fence or partition that divides the two properties and their main entrances at the front. All duplexes are unique in their structure and don’t have to look exactly the same. To help create a clear division and some front garden appeal, be sure to use landscaping to your advantage. Typically you’re sharing a driveway, however the style of ‘garden A’ doesn’t have to mimimic ‘garden B’ – one side might have turf, whereas the other could include steppers and a feature tree. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Be mindful of your plant choices

low growing coastal plant in the backyard of a duplex property landscaping

Bigger is not always better when it comes to softscaping on a duplex project. With often limited yard space, it’s important to be mindful of your plant selections. Our key tip here is to not go installing something like a Eucalyptus tree that in a few years will be grow too high and take over your (and your neighbours) entire garden. Engage a professional landscape company, who can help you select the right plant and tree varieties that are best suited to a small duplex garden.

Don’t forget the extras!

You can’t have a finished house without a letter box right? Time and time again, we see duplex landscape plans missing the basics. Items that are often left off the plan include clotheslines and letterboxes.

Why choose Shaw Landscape Group for your duplex landscaping?

Since 2015, Shaw Landscape Group have made a name for themselves as duplex landscaping professionals. Like clockwork, the team are well versed in all aspects of residential and commercial duplex landscaping. When executed well, you’re not only able to make the most of your available land, you’re able to reap the financial benefits and create an enjoyable outdoor space for many years to come.