Choosing a licenced landscaper to work with when it comes to your project is a big decision. Not only do you want to know that you have the right people to do the job, you also want to know that you can work with them to get everything completed on time and within budget.

Getting the choice of tradie wrong can not only cost you in terms of time and money, it can also cause a lot of frustration and heartache. We’ve compiled our top 5 questions to ask when looking to engage a licenced landscaper in Wollongong. It’s important to ensure you’ve covered these five questions as a minimum before engaging someone to do the work.

1. Are they licenced?

Anyone can call themselves a landscaper. The challenge is knowing whether your landscaper is actually just a green thumb enthusiast or if they are someone that has actually studied landscape construction or horticulture. If you are having ANY building work done in your garden, like a retaining wall or deck, you will need to make sure that the tradesperson has a valid contractor licence. This usually means that they have at least 3 years experience in landscape construction and have passed a professional exam. You can check this if you are looking for a landscaper in Wollongong by jumping onto Service NSW Check Builder or Tradesperson Licence.

2. Do they have the right insurances?

You would think if a landscaper has a contractor licence, they would have insurance, however, this is not always the case. The question is, do they have adequate insurance for the type of work they are completing for you. Most landscapers in Wollongong are able to produce a public liability insurance policy giving local homeowners some peace of mind. What many homeowners don’t realise is that there is another type of insurance that’s needed if the contracted work exceeds $20,000. Home Building Compensation Cover is compulsory in NSW for any building work costing $20,000 or more and you shouldn’t engage a contractor if they do not have this insurance. For more information about this important insurance visit Fair Trading NSW preparing to renovate contracts.

3. Have they done this type of work before?

In modern society it has become quite simple to find out what type of work a tradesperson has completed previously and the quality of that work by checking out their social pages. We suggest visiting their Facebook, Instagram and Google Business page and looking for social proof that they have done the type of work before that you are engaging them to do. Project photographs and reviews are a great way to know that the landscaper you intend to work with has a great track record.

4. Is their price fair?

The best way to ensure you are getting a fair price from a landscaper in Wollongong is to obtain at least three quotes from different contractors. Make sure that you provide all three contractors with the same information in terms of the scope of work so that you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to the price. Make sure the price is provided as a proper written quotation (not on the back of a napkin) and includes all the work that is to be completed, all the materials that are to be used and how and when you need to make payments. If a price seems ‘to good to be true’ it probably is and the landscaper may well have missed part of the scope of works, be cutting corners or hiring unlicenced tradespeople to complete the job.

5. Can I work with them?

This is probably THE most important question to ask yourself when engaging a landscaper to work with. If you get a good feeling about the person who meets with you onsite or feel looked after and cared for by the person who takes your enquiry, then it’s likely that whatever happens once the project starts that you’ll be able to work together to achieve a great result.