Hands up if you’ve spent hours scrolling through Pinterest creating inspiration boards only to find that the plants in your photos won’t (in any way) work in your garden? Fear not, a qualified Landscape Architect can help. Find out why bringing in the pros will benefit your landscape and have your garden be the topic of conversation at future dinner parties for years to come.

Expert Horticultural Knowledge

landscape horticulture design

Garden Horticulture. Image Credit: Sweet Water Now

There’s no doubt about it. Horticulture and Garden Design go together like plants and soil. More often than not, a great Landscape Architect will also have a solid background in Horticulture. If you are wondering, Horticulture, in simple terms, is the extensive study of plants and plays a vital role in the creation of a high quality Landscape Design. There is no use in creating a pretty design that won’t last, a wonderful, healthy garden is the key. Having extensive Horticulture knowledge allows me to creatively integrate the right plant species into a Landscape Design giving them every chance to thrive in their new home.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Garden Landscape Design

Low Maintenance Succulent Garden. Image Credit: DIY Networks

More often than not, gardening is at the bottom of our to-do list. With busy lives, it’s hard to find time for ourselves, let alone tend to our outdoor areas. Fortunately for some, gardening is a therapeutic practice, but for others it’s just a god darned chore. Whatever your situation, a low maintenance Landscape Design is highly desirable for a 21st century household. A Landscape Architect with a background in Horticulture will be able to help you choose the right low maintenance plant palette for your gardens. Then you can spend more time enjoying your garden, rather than being a slave to it. Try introducing Australian Native grasses for hardiness or a Flowering Gum as a feature for a low maintenance garden that will stand the test of time.

Going Outside the Box

Landscape Design in Woolongong example of school landscape design

Indigenous School Landscape Design. Image Credit: Shaw Landscape Group

So often we see a pattern in residential landscape garden design…the same old Yucca plant or commonly used Murraya hedge. A good Landscape Architect will suggest things you may have not previously considered… from a unique feature tree, green screens, an eye catching trellis or an outdoor shower – the list is endless.

Realise Your Gardens Potential

Landscape Designer benefits

Modern Outdoor Landscape Design. Image Credit: Houzz

Even though you may know your garden like the back of your hand, you may not be able to ‘see’ it’s full potential. An experienced Landscape Architect has the ability to view your outdoor environment with fresh eyes and transform the space. What you may have thought was the perfect place for paving, could very well be the best location for a feature tree and reading nook. It is up to Landscape Architects to create spaces for simultaneous function and beauty, tying in a client’s vision and twisting it for optimum functionality.

Save You Money In the Long Run

Landscape Designer working on plans with client

Landscape Designer work in progress. Photo Credit: Looking Good Landscaping

Not only can a Landscape Architect deliver your dream design, they can actually save you money in the long run by preventing you from making costly mistakes. Like any home renovation, unexpected issues can and do quite often emerge. Landscape Architects have a wealth of experience and can help you to avoid many problems before they arise. Their ability to select plants and hardworking quality materials with a high-impact at a lower cost can also help reduce your overall investment.

The benefits of working with a Landscape Architect definitely outweigh the cons so go on, chat with one today about your outdoor project.