Get ready to transform your garden with the top landscaping trends for 2024. Themes such as sustainability and low maintenance continue to remain at the forefront, however, this year, we are set to witness a blend of nature and technology as AI and Computer Aided Design join forces to create stunning 3D renders.

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge landscape technology or a touch of nostalgia, there’s something for everyone.

Biophilic Design; When nature calls

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

In an effort to preserve our planet, nurturing biodiversity and ‘biophilic design’ is becoming an essential aspect of landscaping. The term ‘Biophilic design’ may be new for some, however, it is a methodology well-known to architects and builders alike. ‘Biophilic design’ aims to nurture the relationship between people and nature by introducing multi-sensorial interactions like plants, water, scents and lights to create a more ’productive’ and ‘healthy’ built environment.

Terracotta Tones

Photo Credit: Melbourne Flower Show 2023

Burnt orange is the new black. When it comes to colours, terracotta tones are set to influence landscapes in 2024 and beyond. Inspired by the earthy hues found in the ‘Mediterranean’, these warm colour palettes aim to create a soothing ambiance, while adding contrast and character to your garden. Translated as ‘baked earth’, terracotta has been popularised more recently by the use of gold, brass and copper fittings which can be seen featured throughout the interiors of many new homes.

Want to bring the terracotta trend into your garden? Try introducing warm coloured pots and water features, terracotta-toned paving or even a terracotta-inspired feature wall.

Rain Gardens

Rock swale and rain garden residential landscape

Photo Credit: Peaceful Landscapes

Due to the increase of  ‘short and sharp’ rain events that continue to lash the East Coast of Australia, flooding is a major concern for many homeowners. As a result, the popularity of rain gardens have become apparent – and for good reason.

Often used as a first ‘green’ line of defence, these beautiful and functional gardens not only add aesthetic appeal to your landscape, but also help with stormwater management. Typically, a rain garden consists of a rock ‘swale’ formation with suitable plants to redirect, slow-down and absorb excess water runoff before it hits your stormwater system. Additionally, rain gardens help with bank stabilisation, erosion control, as well as aid with the filtration of pollutants and debris from stormwater runoff.

Want to attract native wildlife to your landscape? Rain gardens also create the perfect habitat for creatures great and small.

Lawn Porn

Photo Credit: The Fold

Spending countless hours cultivating the perfect ‘patch’ has fast become an obsession for many, as Aussie punters unite over ‘lawn porn’ – yes,  you read that right! ‘Lawn porn’! Whether striped or patterned, impeccable lawn care is here to stay. Often mimicking works of art, this Instagram-worthy trend refers to beautifully manicured lawns (and gardens) that are lush, vibrant and picturesque.

Originally used on golf courses and sporting fields for their superior cutting ability, Cylinder mowers are now making their mark on domestic homes as a result of this growing trend. The grass may be greener for those who embrace ‘lawn porn’, however, this trend isn’t for everyone as it requires a great amount of time, dedication and patience.

Curves are Back Baby!

Photo Credit: The Middle-Sized Garden

There’s no straight lines in nature. This year, we are set to embrace curves and flowing forms that mimic nature’s elegance. Whether it’s meandering flower beds, curved pathways, circular stepping stones or arched bench seats, curves add visual interest and can help to break up a boring stretch of lawn.

Hort ‘Futurism’

Photo Credit: Shaw Landscape Group

From architecture to ground maintenance, ‘hort-futurism’ embraces all things ‘electronic’ in the garden. As technology continues to advance, AI is beginning to make its mark in the world of landscaping. With the help of AI-powered tools, designers can seamlessly create 3D garden concepts, allowing homeowners to effortlessly visualise their ‘dream garden’ before breaking ground.

From smart irrigation systems to automated lighting, integrating technology into your outdoor space has never been easier. Imagine controlling your garden’s watering schedule with just a few taps on your smartphone or creating an enchanting ambiance with programmable LED lights. The possibilities are endless and in all honesty, we’re here for it!

Nostalgic Gardens

Photo Credit: Flickr

With a renewed focus on connecting with nature, nostalgic gardening is making a resurgence in 2024. These gardens evoke memories of the past through ‘classic’ planting palettes and ’vintage’ garden structures – think white picket fences, floral arbours and rose gardens. Finding moments of tranquility with nostalgic gardening amidst chaos can help to provide a sense of calm and comfort in what feels like an ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Composite Materials

Photo Credit: Architecture AU

In 2024, composite materials continue to take center stage. From cladding, decking, to fencing, these durable and low-maintenance materials offer a sustainable alternative to your landscape project. With a wide variety of products available in the market, it’s becoming even easier for homeowners to embrace sustainable landscape practices.

Low Maintenance Planting

Photo Credit: Mallee Design

Beautiful garden, sans the effort? We’re all ears. A welcoming trend that’s here to stay is the dominance of low-maintenance gardens that provide maximum impact with minimal effort. In conflict to the evolving ‘lawn porn‘ trend, no mow grasses and native plant species are typically colourful, textural, drought-tolerant and require less maintenance. Yielding a garden that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for, is a win-win from us!


So whether you’re planning a complete garden makeover or simply looking to refresh your existing outdoor space, these top landscaping trends for 2024 will inspire you to create a masterpiece that reflects your style while embracing the beauty of nature.