Are you a school that needs help creating interactive learning environments for your students and attractive gardens that appeal to parents?

The landscape of a school greatly defines its identity and every school strives to stand apart from others. In order to do so, they must have an aesthetically pleasing landscape as well as offer all the required amenities to students, teachers and staff members present in a school campus.

School landscape architecture needs to be done carefully and collaboratively and in accordance with the plans for playgrounds, school buildings and any other structures that the campus requires. All of these decisions need to be taken in conjunction with a professional company with expertise in handling school campus landscape design and architecture.

We have worked in the educational sector for the past 5 years and worked alongside school principals and business managers to provide strategies to reduce the cost of landscape maintenance and workable solutions for improvements to school grounds.We work to improve thequality of the local environment with landscaping, to satisfy functional and aestheticneeds, while promoting environmental awareness and sensitivity among studentsand communities.

Our work has included returfing a 5,000m³ sports oval, designing and constructing entry statements, creating interactive children’s playground’s and nature walks, working alongside schools on ‘Plant A Tree’ day, and educating on sustainability with projects such as the creation of composting bays, worm farms and waste management.